I'm Bethany. Stay at home mother to Landon, Nevaeh and Savannah.
My babies are my world

 Landon Christopher, 4 1/2
Nevaeh Christine, 2 1/2
Savannah Evelyn, 6 months
But sometimes a lot of the time...they drive me up the wall. Tantrums, clinging, normal growing pains that all children go through. Constantly nagging me for a glass of water, fighting with each other, or just generally being wild children. A lot of days I look past their sweet faces and just check out. And a lot of days...I yell. And then I feel guilty for yelling. And then 5 minutes later, I'm yelling again because I can't quite get myself to just chill out. It's an endless cycle, and I'm sick of spinning the web of excuses.

My best friend Erika and I have been each other's journal for the past two years, and recently Erika stumbled on a blog called "The Orange Rhino Challenge" We gobbled up that blog, and decided to call ourselves out. Put us on the spot in front of each other, the blog world, and our friends and family. Challenging ourselves to go 365 days with no yelling (I can feel the tickle in my throat just thinking about it).

The bottom line? I love my babies. So much that it's a literal ache in my chest. I just can't contain all the love I have for each of them. When they grow up, that's what I want them to remember. The showering of love and affection. Not yelling, time outs and mommy just really needs a freaking break!

So this blog will be an account of Erika and I's journey. Raw and honest. A lot of the days won't be pretty. We'll hold ourselves accountable for posting on the days we slip up and yell. Hopefully those days will taper off quickly and we'll find a new, beautiful rhythm of handling the stresses of life with kids. By the end of 365 days, I hope and pray that this blog will be nothing but happy, yell-free posts!

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