So my story begins late one night when I was sitting here checking out my pinterest page, when I came across a blogpost a friend re-pinned, which you can find here. Before I finished reading the second item on the list, I knew this article was going to change the dynamic of my household.
           I've been wanting to stop yelling for a long time, I had been telling myself after every time I lose my head that it won't happen again. That I won't scream loud enough for the neighbors to hear when my 2 year old just won't listen, even though who I'm really mad at is the dog. That I won't throw patience out the window because Timmy won't go to sleep on command (hello! he's 2 years old he's not going to shut his eyes and fall asleep just because I say or scream the words "go to sleep!")
           It's time for me to be honest with myself and everyone else, I mess up, a lot. Having two children can be extremely overwhelming, and while I try to be supermom, I can't seem to be super nice mom. I lose my cool way too often for ridiculous reasons, and I've kept it to myself, until now. I had a brutally honest conversation with my Rhino Challenge partner in Columbus and guess what? I'm not the only mom who has yelled in frustration at her infant because he won't go to sleep, even though of course, what will it REALLY do except put a scare in him as he continues to cry. I'm not the only mom who has mistreated my children because they aren't doing what I want them to do. But they are kids, and they are being just that, kids. It's time I learned how to better handle those stressful situations and become the kind of mother at home that I tell myself I am in the presence of others. It's time for me to stop worrying others are judging me and calling me a bad mom. If you are reading this and think "I can't believe she yells at her kids, it's appalling!" Well you probably don't have kids yourself do you? But all the Mama's out there are nodding their heads thinking "Finally, an honest display of motherhood behind closed doors." That is all you will get out of this blog, and if you can't stomach the brutally honest truth, reading this blog is not for you.
            So here is the original blog that inspired it all. This woman is honest about her journey and is so amazing, and hasn't yelled at her children in over a year! That's right, the Orange Rhino Challenge: 365 days without yelling at my kids! It's not like it makes them listen any better, it just makes them think it's ok to yell, it doesn't say "my Mom and Dad are doing this because they love me" and that is what discipline should say. As Bethany and I prepare our blog, we are not starting the countdown yet, we want to be ready, committed, 100%. We want to be sure it's time to start the challenge and start it right. Each day I yell, the countdown starts back at 0.
           Bethany and I needed some things to help keep us on track, and this blog is one of them. We'd rather blog about a day without yelling then have to tell everyone the horrible things we said to one of our kids that day. Plus, who doesn't like a little friendly competition right? I'm sure we're both going to be starting back at 0, more than once, but when we get through that first year without yelling we'll really have something to celebrate!

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