Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 6, pick up sticks-Bethany

Well, we didn't literally pick up sticks ;-) But it rhymes!

Which brings me to another "technique" I've figured out. It diffuses a meltdown (unless said meltdown is the result of tiredness, in which case only a nap can fix it).

Sing a song! Patty cake, It's Raining, Itsy Bitsy, or the lullaby I wrote for my biggest girl when she was a sweet, smooth cheeked baby. That's my favorite one to sing, because she gets this sweet smile on her face. Like she just knows that song is special and just for her. It helps remind me of the gut wrenching love I have for her, in the midst of what could easily become chaos that would end in me yelling, and her precious feelings hurt.

I wrote a lullaby for Savannah as well, and am sure it will come to use down the road when tantrums are thrown or just when she needs some special lovin'.

Today was a great day by the way, as was Friday and Saturday. The husband was off work and we spent lots of time together as a family! (Minus our sweet Landon).

 Daddy teaching Vae tic-tac-toe....good way to avoid "out to dinner tantrums"
 One happy outside baby!
Nevaeh got her first haircut today! She flipped out at first, nervous about scissors coming at her. Instead of getting frustrated, I calmly talked to her, let the stylist cut a small piece of my hair to show her it wasn't scary, and finally bribed her with a sucker. After the first snip, she was super excited! A lot of times she "acts up" because she isn't sure about something. That's what I need to constantly remind myself of.

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