Thursday, April 25, 2013

Well it had to happen sometime -Erika

Well, I really didn't expect to get through a whole year or even close on my first attempt. Let's face it, I am human, I am not perfect, and I yelled at my children today. I didn't completely lose it, but I yelled at each of them once and I more than got a little irritated with Timmy for being a toddler getting into things when he didn't at all deserve my unpleasant words. So here we go again. Orange Rhino Challenge, day 1. 
It started when I was in the living room rocking Billy to sleep while the mac n cheese was cooking on the stove and I hear Timmy start crying. I knew what happened before even checking on him, he was standing on a chair at the stove crying. So I yelled, "Timmy, NO!" He got hurt, and I got mad, when I should have been sympathetic but stern. Not the first time I got mad when he got hurt. Why should I though? He's already hurting and my sharp tongue doesn't make matters any better.
A little while later, Billy was having an all out fit, and I screamed over him to get his attention, hoping it would stop the crying. It didn't, and now I have to start over because of it. Aside from that it was the little things, little irritants. It's like a chain reaction. You yell once it's easy to do it again. And now I'm feeling very guilty, so it's time to wind down a little and  relax. Billy is quiet now, about to take a nap, and I'm going to spend a little time reflecting on the mistakes I made. Tomorrow is a new day. 

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