Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sunshine Therapy! -Erika

I am almost at the end of day 2 of not yelling at my kids. Although I did come very close a few times yesterday, I didn't use more than a firm voice where necessary and it felt so great! 
Today was amazing! My husband and I took the boys to the playground this afternoon. I was lying out on a blanket with Billy enjoying the fresh air while Tim ran around with Timmy playing on all the equipment and even teaching him to fly a kite! 
Nothing gives me greater satisfaction then being able to enjoy my children, and being able to see them happy. Today, they were so very happy! Happy children make for an easier day, and when it comes down to it, the sweet sunshine is a must! I thoroughly enjoy photographing my kids in natural light, just being kids, the way it should be. 
There was no greater time to start this challenge than now. I will be very well into it when cabin fever hits again and another true test comes along! So if you're feeling like your kids are going to make you pull your hair out today, grab your camera, and take them outside. Photograph your sunshine babies and enjoy them! 

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