Monday, April 29, 2013

Day One.....again! -Erika

Every day has been day one for me for the last 3-4 days, I just can't seem to remember what I'm trying to accomplish here. Then I realized it's because I'm not even trying. Not yelling at your kids, it takes work, it takes self discipline, it takes LOADS of patience, and I haven't even been attempting it lately. 
The woman who started the the Orange Rhino says that she uses orange napkins when she eats, as a reminder not to yell at her children, since dinner time is always such a struggle. Well, the living room is where my family spends most of it's time, and Tim took Timmy to get some new fish for the tank yesterday, and he picked out, mostly orange fish! It's almost as if he's trying to tell me to keep at it. "Here is your reminder Mom." There are about 15 orange fish swimming around our fish tank now :) He also picked out a crab and shrimp, and he loves them! He is such a sweet child and deserves a Mom who is going to push herself to be the best mom she can be!

One thing I noticed is that for the my first go around when I went 2 days without yelling, Timmy was listening and behaving so much better. I also noticed that the more days I went yelling at him for doing things I didn't like, the worse he was getting, the worse he was listening. When you take this challenge, and fail at this challenge, you begin to realize just how major of an impact it has on your child's behavior.
So as difficult as it is, I absolutely recommend to everyone to take this challenge, and put 100% into it, as I am prepared to start doing again today. I will complete this challenge, even if I have to start over 10 more times I'll get there. 

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  1. You can do it! I'm so proud of you, and your boys will be too! -Bethany