Friday, April 26, 2013

The Thinking Chair-Bethany

A while back, before the Orange Rhino was a figurative animal in my mind or household, I tried to think of a more creative discipline for my kids. I didn't like sticking them in the corner (and my poor walls were hopelessly stained with tear streaks, which was ugly and heartbreaking), and it never worked anyway. All it was, was me yelling "Get in the corner!" "Be quiet!" "Stand still!" "Get BACK in the CORNER!"

It was way more hassle than help.

Thus was born the Thinking Chair.
 Time to think
Time to stew
Reflect upon the things you do
And when you're done
Be on your way
Please behave while you play!
She is not in trouble. She saw me taking a picture and insisted on demonstrating :-)

Nice chair off of ebay (That I put together wrong the first time, and yelled at my kids several times during assembly -give me back that screw driver! Don't hit your sister with that leg!-)
Stenciled with a poem I wrote to help them concentrate on why they're sitting on the chair in the first place.

Now I must admit. I was a lot more gung ho about this chair when it was still an idea in my head. Once I actually made the chair, it didn't serve the proper purpose. It became somewhere to sit in time out, instead of standing in the corner. I didn't put that clever poem to good use.

Luckily the Orange Rhino has reared her horn at me and reminded me that this Thinking Chair is in fact a great idea. Sometimes kids need to just chill out and relax, without being sent to bed for a nap (and certainly not yelled at to shut up).

So the Thinking Chair will now be used properly. With love, understanding, and a good explanation of why they are sitting on it, instead of a half hearted "Go sit in the chair in time out!"

Landon, Nevaeh and Savannah....I love you! Day 4 of no yelling <3

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